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Tex Con Oil Fuel

Tex-Con is available to supply a variety of fuels and lubricants to help you run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ve been delivering fuel for over 80 years. We take that experience and cater our services to best meet your fueling needs. Our sales team is ready to meet on site with you to decide on the best solutions. We can help supply fuel to your yard, portable tank, fleet fueling or fuel for your generators. We can also monitor your tanks and handle dispatching of fuel for you if desired.

Tex-Con also offers a CFN fuel card that is part of the FLEETCOR network of cards. The CFN fleetwide fuel card allows customers to easily track and monitor fuel purchases at CFN and Fuelman approved gas stations with no hidden fees.

Please contact 512-617-7777 or email for any and all commercial sales inquiries

Sales Team

  • Brad Breed
  • Logan Carroll
  • Mo Hamann
  • Koby Polk
  • Stephen Maxwell