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As part of our ongoing efforts to be responsive and provide customers with current regulations, Tex-Con works with municipalities like Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding cities, as well as the EPA and TCEQ to remain compliant with the most up to date regulations. We’ll work with you to make sure we understand your fueling needs wherever you’re located, and for whatever your purpose.

Contact us to schedule a delivery, or visit any of our locations to pick up your products today.

We deliver a wide variety of fuels to meet your company’s needs. Below, are the fuels we can deliver:

  1. 01/# 2 On-Road Clear Diesel (TxLED & Non TxLED)
  2. 02/# 2 Off-Road Dyed Diesel (TxLED & Non TxLED)
  3. 03/Unleaded Gasoline (87, 89 & 93 octanes, ethanol free)
  4. 04/K-1 Clear Kerosene

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